By Mark Kenyon

My first season of hunting Iowa giants officially starts today, as I head to the John Deere State to scout, set up stands and cams, and film some big ole velvet whitetails. This afternoon I’ll be heading to meet a couple friends and begin preparations for what is sure to be an exciting and memorable season. Stay tuned to the Wired To Hunt Facebook Page, as I’ll be sure to share some updates along the way. But if you’re wanting more of a whitetail fix – be sure to read up on the big deer blog posts below. We’ve got some great articles today from across the web, which I’m sure will get you even more pumped for the quickly approaching hunting season! Happy Friday!

 Clay Craft: The Raising of a Master Hunter – Outdoor Life: A terrific story on a young man I’ve been privileged to get to know named Clay Craft. You may have seen the 12 year old featured a couple times here on Wired To Hunt, and it’s great to see his story reaching more people. Clay is an incredible hunter and very nice young man. Congrats bud!

Learning From Western Bowhunters – Brow Tines & Backstrap: A discussion of what us flat land bowhunters can learn from our brethren out west – most specifically the art of shooting longer distances!

Bowhunting Whitetails the Eberhart Way – Timing is the Key – Bowhunter Wild Food: In bowhunting, timing is of utmost importance. Whether that be timing of when you hunt a certain stand, or timing of when you get to a stand. It can definitely be the difference between success and failure.

Understanding Olympic Archery – Sole Adventure: With the opening ceremonies tonight, this article and explanation of Olympic Archery is a interesting and very relevant read!

Practice and Preparation – Dreams To Reality: It may seem obvious to some, but a good reminder of the importance of bowhunting/archery practice is always helpful. Dan Perez of Whitetail Properties walks us through how he does just that.

Deer and Silage Corn – Growing Deer TV: Dr. Grant Woods discusses the effect that this years drought could have on corn crops and eventually deer behavior.