It’s time for another life or death decision here on Wired To Hunt. And that decision is this…Shoot or Don’t Shoot?

Today’s Shoot or Don’t Shoot buck comes from Ryan Eichorn and he’s looking for some help from the Wired To Hunt Nation. Ryan’s been watching this buck for three years now and it’s grown into a stud. Problem is – he recently broke off his left side at his G-2. He’s still pretty unique and definitely a nice buck, but Ryan can’t help but be disappointed that this buck has suffered this injury. This buck lives in a highly suburban area where they’re developing more still around and it’s estimated that heis about 5 years old. Due to his age and all of the development occuring in the surrounding areas, Ryan’s worried about the chances of seeing this buck again next year. He has the only huntable property in the area, but road kill is quite common in this region and the risk of the buck not making it another year is very real.

So what would you do? Would you let this great buck pass, so that he has a chance to grow back next year with a undamaged rack and let him reach his full potential? Or is the fact that this is a mature buck enough for you to let an arrow fly? The decision is yours – Shoot or Don’t Shoot?

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