By Mark Kenyon

If you’re reading this blog – you’re probably a lot like me. Specifically, I mean in the way I like to read about whitetails. I do it all the time, every day, no matter what time of year. Online, in books, in the news and in magazines. But maybe my favorite way to get my whitetail reading fix (other than Wired To Hunt of course šŸ˜‰ ) is through deer hunting magazines. There’s just something about the anticipation leading up to your monthly delivery, and then the excitement of paging through the glossy sheets full of monster whitetails and new deer hunting ideas. Maybe I’m just a deer hunting romantic, but I get a real kick out of it.

That being said, of all the magazines I buy and read through, several stand above the rest. These magazines feature the deepest whitetail knowledge, the most diverse range of deer hunting topics and the worlds foremost experts on everything we need to know to become better hunters. In short, these magazines are the best of the best for whitetails hunters – and here’s why…

Deer & Deer Hunting: The title of this magazine says it all. Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine talks about nothing except deer and how we hunt them! I like products that deliver exactly what they advertise. But in all seriousness, D&DH provides what I believe is the most thorough and varied level of deer hunting topics. Some of the best whitetail writers in the country, such as Dan Schmidt, Charles Alsheimer and Bob Zaiglin, share their expertise and insights on a monthly basis with the D&DH audience and I for one always learn something new from them. On top of this, D&DH also provides a much debated and always highly anticipated rut calendar and set of predictions, which are certainly interesting to take a look at each year before the hunting season. Additionally, deer research, biology, food plots, rut tactics, and just about everything in between is covered throughout the course of the year.

Quality Whitetails: Quality Whitetails is without a doubt one of the finest whitetail related publications you can find. Gorgeous photos, wonderful stories of improved whitetail hunting, helpful strategies and scientific insights help make QW stand above the pack in many ways. Quality Whitetails, more than any other publication, teaches readers about deer. Not just how to kill them, but really about them biologically, behavior wise and how they can best be enjoyed, protected and managed. There is no better magazine in my opinion for detailed and broad habitat management advice, food plot know how, and everything else in between that an avid whitetail manager could want to know. On top of that the QDMA is one of the leading advocates for whitetail deer and deer hunting in the USA, and by reading this magazine you’re supporting a group that constantly works to protect our right to enjoy a quality deer hunting experience in America. I say bravo.

North American Whitetail: North American Whitetail is another magazine in the same vein as Deer & Deer Hunting which focuses on deer hunting strategies and very thorough advice and ideas on all topics whitetail hunting related. First rate information in my opinion, but what really makes NAW unique is it’s focus on personal deer hunting stories. More than any other magazine NAW features hunters and their success stories in each issue, and I’ve come to find these really enjoyable and equally educational.

Whitetail News: If you’re the type that likes to plant food plots Whitetail News is a top option for deer hunting magazines. No other magazine to my knowledge has a stronger focus on food plots, and the experts featured in this publication bring years of experience, research and knowledge to the table to help make you a better hunter and food plotter. You’ll learn everything you need to know to plan, plant and finally hunt food plots. I’ve also found the WN does a nice job of not just focusing on “product profile” type articles for various food plot blends, and rather features articles that span the wholeĀ gamutĀ of hunting and land management.

Petersen’s Bowhunting: Petersen’s is not a whitetail-only publication like theĀ aforementionedĀ four, but it brings another focus to the table which is greatly appreciated – and that is a strong focus on bowhunter for whitetails. I’ve found that the whitetail related features in PB are info packed and created specifically for hardcore bowhunters , which many whitetail freaks are. Editor Christian Berg and his team do a great job of preparing readers for all seasons of whitetail hunting through the magazine, but also through the “Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio” podcast.

Field & Stream: Field & Stream does a great job of covering almost all hunting and fishing related topics on God’s green earth – but they do an especially good job when it comes to whitetails. Their Whitetail Handbook series of article every year is always super handy, and the unique angle they take with articles is refreshing. On top of that, F&S has done some really great whitetail features over the past few years such as their recent article on the Deer Czar, their piece on “the center of whitetail hunting in the US”, and their deer camp tales.

All in all, if you’re looking to feel some real paper between your fingers these six whitetail related magazines are the best options out there and they are truly high quality deer hunting resources. Whether you want to learn about deer biology, hunting stories, food plot tips or something else entirely – one of these six has got it covered. But regardless of whether you prefer magazines, books, or the web for soaking up new whitetail information – most importantly, always remember to never stop learning.

Any other magazines you think should have been included in this list? Let us know in the comments!

– Mark Kenyon