Happy Friday Nation! We’re going to get right into it this morning with a solid list of whitetail readings from across the world wide web. Read up and then get out and prepare for the season. The work you do (or don’t) right now, can make or break your season!

 Aim Low – Dreams To Reality: Dan Perez of Whitetail Properties discusses the phenomenon of deer “jumping the string” and how you can account for that in your shot.

Pt. 1 Scouting for Mature Bucks – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods walks us through the basics of his scouting plan for mature bucks this time of year.

Try These Cool-Season Food Plot Mixes – QDMA.com: This past weekend I attended a QDMA Habitat Day in Southern Michigan, at hwich Dr. Craig Harper presented some best practices on improving timber, fields, and food plots for deer. In today’s article, he specifically recommends a handful of food plot mixes that will be perfect for a fall planting this year.

Hot Shots – Early Season Whitetails – Bowhunting.net: Some solid tips on early season whitetail hunting, with a special focus on scent control.

Missing Is Part of Bowhunting – Meitin’s Bow Blog: A really interesting perspective from Patrick Meitin on Realtree.com about how it’s ok to miss. Kind of refreshing to hear, given that I’ve done just that a few times!