By Mark Kenyon

Sunday August 12th 2012 was the night of the drop tine for the Wired To Hunt crew. We filmed not just one, but two drop tine bucks in the same night! Believe it or not, I filmed one down in Southern Michigan and soon after I got a text from Pete out in Iowa that he had filmed one too!

Unfortunately because of limited daylight and far distances, the footage that we got wasn’t too terrific – but it’s pretty awesome to catch such a rare animal on camera regardless. Above you can see the absolute Iowa giant that Pete filmed, and below you can see a few shots of the Michigan deer. Along with the drop tine buck I filmed were another two really great Michigan bucks that would probably score somewhere in the high 130s to mid 140s. It was truly an incredible group of deer to see in the Mitten State!

Here’s a look at the Michigan buck, and you can see the small drop on his left main beam. Again – apologies for graininess.

And here you can see the group of three bucks, at this time they were bedded down on the edge of a soybean field. Hopefully we’ll see these guys again at a closer distance,and maybe even with a bow in hand! Look for the footage in about a month on our first episode of Wired To Hunt TV for 2012!