By Cody Altizer

Loyal readers of the W2H Nation, it is officially the middle of August and it is one day closer to bow season!  We are inching ever closer and I can’t wait.  Unfortunately I have to wait until October 6th to climb a tree and hunt whitetails in my home state of Virginia, but you Midwesterners are much luckier!

That being said, one of my favorite things to do this time of year to kill some time between now and the opener is drive around country roads and snap photos of the local whitetail population in the afternoon.  I usually start my joy rides in late May / early June, but deer movement is much more sporadic then.  Bucks are small, fawns aren’t up and about, and does are solitary for the most part.

I’ve captured the majority of my best images from mid-July to mid-August.  Deer are most relaxed during this time, can usually be seen in the same fields every afternoon, and both bucks and does are wearing, in my opinion, there prettiest coats of the year.

As you’ll see when you scroll through the photos, I’m not very good at getting shots of bucks.  I’m not always very good at hunting and killing bucks though either, so I guess that makes sense.  Plenty of does, though!  Hopefully scrolling through these shots will provide you with a bit of eye candy and give you something to think about as we inch closer to deer season. Enjoy!