By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday Nation! Today we’ve got some great whitetail blogs and articles from across the web – covering everything from gear reviews, to scouting and even a special section on the Paul Ryan VP pick. Enjoy, get outside to enjoy Creation, and keep working hard in preparation for the upcoming season!

(And if you like the photo above, be sure to see more of Cody Altizer’s great whitetail pics from his photo blog earlier this week – Whitetails Through The Lens )

What is EHD: Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Explained – Big Buck Zone: With recent outbreaks of EHD across the country, this article is very relevant to hunters as we try to better understand this disease effecting our deer herds.

Trailcam Photos In Your Inbox – Brow Tines & Backstrap: An interesting review of Moultrie’s Game Management System, which sends trailcam photos directly to your email.

Pt. 2 Scouting for Mature Bucks – Growing Deer TV: Dr. Grant Woods speaks more to his scouting tactics for big mature bucks. Specifically today he discusses characteristics of specific bucks, and habitat features.

Gear Review – Solid Broadhead Company – Sole Adventure: Wired To Hunt contributor Mark Huelsing reviews a brand new top of the line broadhead, that aims to be the absolute best in the industry – regardless of what it costs.

Paul Ryan VP Pick

Hmmmm…A Sportsman Vice President – Man On The Run: Freelance hunting writer Zeke Pipher discusses his opinion of the Ryan pick and a few thoughts on hunting now that we’re in a new public spotlight.

Paul Ryan, Master Bowhunter – ABC News: It’s kind of wild seeing a bowhunting article in the mainstream media, but here it is none-the-less. ABC News discusses Paul Ryans bowhunting passion.

Paul Ryan: Bowhunter, ATA Friend and Budget “Prophet” – ATA: A terrific article from the Archery Trade Association delving into Ryan’s backgrund, his support of the Archery industry, and his love of deer hunting and management.