By Mark Kenyon

I don’t know about you, but every time I pull a trail camera it feels like Christmas. Lucky for me, “Christmas” in July or August isn’t a big shopping sale – but instead it’s awesome trail cam updates from Michigan and Iowa. This past week I had just that, and I’ve got some great photos of bucks to share. From Iowa we’re continuing to capture some dandies on camera, including many pictures of bucks that we saw earlier this year, as well as a couple new ones too.

Then back at home I’ve been seeing some great deer near properties I can hunt as well. As mentioned earlier this week, I saw three shooters right near one of my spots, incluing one buck with a droptine! From this same property I’ve also been getting pictures of a real nice Michigan eight pointer, which you can see pics of below.

The excitement is building and these pics are definitely a big part of that. It’s great to see what’s in my area, and if luck is with me, maybe I’ll have a much more up close and personal pic of one of these bucks to show off this fall!

Have you been getting pics of any big bucks in your area? Be sure to show them off to the Wired To Hunt Nation by posting them on the Wired To Hunt Facebook page!