By Mark Kenyon

The countdown continues, and my clock now reads 37 days. 37 days til that first exciting walk to my stand in the cool October air. 37 days til I settle into my seat, lean my head back on the tree and breath in the fresh fall aromas. 37 days until my ears perk up to the sound of leaves crunching off in the distance, and my muscles tense in excitement.

I must only wait 37 days til I can be myself again, fully and most purely, as a hunter. Yes, it’s only 37 days – but it sure feels like an eternity right now.

Until then though, the preparation continues and today we’ve got some great reading to help you get ready for the season. Enjoy the blog posts below and have a great weekend in the wild!

Is State Deer Management Ruining Your Hunting? – Big Buck Zone: An interesting look at population estimate models and what they might mean to your state deer management strategy.

BIG DEER Annual Report: Best Moon & Rut Days to Hunt 2012 – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Mike Hanback and Mark Drury share their thoughts on the best days to hunt this year!

How to Hunt Deer: The 10 Most Important Deer Scouting Tools – Whitetail 365: Some helpful pieces of gear for scouting deer are discussed by Scott Bestul.

The Nose Knows – Dreams To Reality: A few important reminders from Dan Perez of Whitetail Properties regarding the importance of scent control when deer hunting.

5 Reasons To Take Does Early – Here are a few good reasons to start shooting does early this season!

Whitetail Hunting Tips: How to Use Deer Calls, Scents, and Decoys – Big Buck Zone: A nice summary of how to use deer calls, scents and decoys before the season opens up.