By Mark Kenyon

Something about the bite in the air this morning, the icy cold dew on the grass and the crickets echoing their symphony across the landscape before me. It’s got my blood bubbling. My juices flowing. My heart pumping. Hunting season is near. And with that, comes a change in my musical tastes every year. Every September or October I begin pulling out a few classic deer hunting tunes, and listening to them on repeat. Whether that be on the way to work or to the deer stand. This list of songs makes up what I believe is the Ultimate Deer Hunting soundtrack. A collection of anthems to the deer hunter’s soul, both serious and fun, raucous and reminiscent. It’s a list of songs that without a doubt, will get you fired up to climb up a tree with your bow and chase some whitetails. So read on below for my ultimate deer hunting soundtrack and if you’re not familiar with a tune, click on the title of each song to hear it on YouTube. Be sure to let us know what you think, and please offer up any additional song suggestions as well!

1. Fred Bear – Ted Nugent: At some point around 10 years ago I discovered the song Fred Bear, and ever since it has become a staple of my pre-hunt regimen. Few songs can prepare and pump me up for the woods like this, and Ted Nugent’s ode to the archery legend Bear still holds a special place for me in my personal deer hunting tradition. It’s the perfect song to kick off my Deer Hunting Soundtrack on a strong note.

2. Da Turdy Point Buck – Bananas At Large: Moving from Fred Bear, we now come to another of my favorite deer hunting tunes – but one of a much different tone. I first remember hearing Da Turdy Point Buck as a young kid, probably under 10, at our log cabin deer camp up in Northern Michigan. My grandpa, dad and uncles were all drinking coffee early in the morning of opening day, and this song came on the radio. I still remember my uncle singing along and ever since, I can’t hear the song without being transported back to hunting camp. And as I’m sure many of you agree, there’s nowhere better than hunting camp. Da Turdy Pount Buck is a fairly ridiculous, and definitely hillarious song – and it’s one that has been on repeat many times for me leading up to a deer hunt.

3. Buck Fever – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson: Here’s a relatively new song, about three years old, and the first addition of several to this list from The Bone Collector Album.  This album by Rhett Atkins and Dallas Davidson was partly inspired by Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector show – and as many of their projects do, this album has been a hit. Buck Fever is an anthem to the wonderful and frustrating feeling of buck fever. And it has become one of my top tunes to play on the drive to my hunting properties. “It’s a feeling like you never felt before, have you coming back for more. Buck fever gonna get you boy, buck fever gonna have you praying to the lord. That rack, that grunt, that stare, that stomp will make you a believer – in buck fever.” True story – right?

4. Backwoods Boy – Josh Turner: “Woke up 5 AM, put on my camouflage. Wiped off my .243 and fired up my Dodge. Headed out to my old deer stand back in the pines, gonna get me a 10 point buck with 11 inch tines.” Any song that starts like this is going to be a favorite of mine and Backwoods Boy is no exception. Country music superstar Josh Turner represents his hunting passion in a big way on this song, and it has become another of my absolute favorite tunes for hunting season.

5. Second Week of Deer Camp – Da Yoopers: Taking a turn back into the goofy and amusing, the Second Week of Deer Camp is another hunting comedy classic from Da Yoopers, whom are an iconic Upper Peninsula of Michigan band. This tune regales the tale of a group of hunters who have the time of their lives every year during the second week at deer camp, but unfortunately “never shoot no deer”. If you listen to this song and don’t laugh, you need to check your pulse.

6. Openin’ Day – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson: The Bone Collector Album resurfaces again on our playlist here, with a more nostalgic song speaking to the joys of opening day of deer season. It’s a song that I think many of us can relate to.

7. Guns – Justin Moore: A powerful, stand your ground song, sticking up for our rights to bear arms. Up and coming country star Justin Moore recalls his first experience shooting a doe with his muzzle loader in this 2nd Amendment anthem and it makes for a memorable and driving tune. You’ve gotta love a “main stream” artist who has the balls to devote a whole song on his sophomore anthem to firearms and our rights to bear them.

8. Drinkin Beer and Wasting Bullets – Luke Bryan: Continuing our trend of popular country artists sings about hunting, Luke Bryan the singer/member of Buck Commander TV show brings us in at #8 with Drinking Beer and Wasting Bullets. This is a fun, rocking song speaking to a long day in the woods. While we obviously don’t condone drinking and shooting while you’re hunting (and neither does Luke, I’m sure), it’s still a fun song to jam to with a heavy focus on deer and beer. Two things that I’m sure most of us love!

9. My Baby Looks Good In Camouflage – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson: A song some of us can relate to, if you’re one of the lucky few that have a wife or girlfriend who’s been willing to don some camo and join your in the deer woods. Another fun song to sing along to leading up to a hunt.

10. Turdy Point Buck Part II – Bananas At Large: As this soundtrack starts to wrap up, we had to throw in one more laugher – and Da Turdy Point Buck sequel is the perfect way to do that. Another hilarious story of hunting failure, Part II is sure to put a smile on your face.

11. Granddaddy’s Gun – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson: In a tribute to all of our grandpa’s who helped us get into hunting, Granddaddy’s Gun tugs at a few heart strings. A thoughtful and reminiscent way to begin wrapping up the Ultimate Deer Hunting Soundtrack.

12. Sunrize Narrated – Ted Nugent: The Nuge closes out our soundtrack with his almost spiritual hymn to the wild. “Take a deep breath, feel the spirit of the wild. Feel our instincts, feel the heart of the hunter. Each new day, each new sunrize can bring the renewal of life, the renewal of the spirit. Keep your senses alert, learn to appreciate the value of that sign. The excitement of that smell, that sight…the aroma of the woods.”

I know I left a few other solid hunting tunes off this list, but the above soundtrack is my version of the ultimate deer hunting soundtrack. A solid combination of serious, reminiscent, hilarious and rocking tunes. But most importantly – all are focused on the passion we share. Hunting the majestic whitetail deer. If you’re looking for that perfect soundtrack for the drive to your hunting property or to have playing at deer camp, I’d encourage you to give this one a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

– Mark Kenyon