By Mark Kenyon

It’s a foggy, cool Thursday morning here in Michigan, but my thoughts are focused rather a couple hundred miles east in Pennsylvania. For this is where our “Shoot or Don’t Shoot” buck of the day hails from! From everything I’ve seen and heard, the state of whitetail hunting in PA has changed dramatically over the past 5-10 years, given the antler point restrictions implemented during that timespan. This change has seemed to produce more mature bucks, more impressive racked bucks and a greater potential for that buck of a lifetime. I’ve seen it first hand at my uncle’s family deer camp in southeastern PA, where they’ve been seeing more big bucks than ever before. And now today, from another southeast pennsylvania property comes today’s buck.

A nice 9 pointer, estimated to be 3.5 years old. Looks like a pretty good buck for Pennsylvania, but what I think doesn’t really matter. We want to know what you’d do! Shoot or don’t shoot?

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Here’s a slightly bigger picture of the buck in question….Let us know more about your decision and why you made it in the comments too!