By Mark Kenyon

It’s a big day here for the Wired To Hunt Nation… well at least it is for the guy behind the keyboard of Wired To Hunt! Two big things are on my immediate horizon. One – completely unrelated to whitetails – is the season opener for my Michigan State Spartans tonight on primetime TV versus Boise State! I’ll be cheering on my Green and White from the seats of Spartan Stadium, enjoying one of my absolute favorite feelings in the world – that being the commradery I feel every time I’m with my fellow Spartans cheering on our football or basketball teams.

Then, upon returning to the farm, I’ll be taking action on the more relevant and even more exciting items I’m thrilled about. That being the completion of my two new food plots. They have been a challenge this year, and I’ll be sharing more on that soon. But the good news is that they are finally ready to plant – and I’ll be seeding this weekend just in time for a two day rain! Additionally, the plot I planted earlier this week seems to be starting to pop up – as you can see in the pic above!

Things are looking up and the fall is just about here. For me that means college football and whitetails, and it’s a beautiful thing. I hope you have a great weekend doing whatever you love – and in the meantime, enjoy the whitetail blog posts below from across the web!

Buck Behavior: Finally, A Definition for ‘Core Area’…Kinda – Whitetail 365: A discussion on the term “core area”, what it means, and a question of whether we need to change the definition.

Instinctive Running for Hunters – Bowhunting Wild Food: Chris Eberhart walks us through his running evolution and how it makes him a more effective predator.

Bucks Shedding Velvet Early  – I’ve been hearing rumors that folks are seeing an early velvet shed, and this study seems to back it up.

A Different Approach to Scent Control – Midwest Whitetail: Bill Winke discusses his slightly unorthodox method for scent control, and the tools that allow him to be successful.