By Mark Kenyon

These days in the bowhunting world, new technologies, tactics and trinkets seem to pop up like wildfire almost daily. There’s always a “next big thing” and as avid hunters – we usually eat it up. Not as common though, are those “next big things” that actually live up to their billing. Today though, I believe we have one such legit “next big thing” to share, and that is a brand new sight from Trophy Ridge called The React.

The React Sight is remarkably different than almost any other sight on the market, and it’s unique feature set makes it, in my opinion, one of the absolute best sights available in today’s archery world.

I’ll be short in my written review here, as I’ve gone into more detail and demonstration in our video review of the React. But lets cover the most important new feature on the React for those that maybe can’t watch the vid.

That most unique and useful feature that the React brings to us is something called “Smart Pin Technology”. With the power of some incredible internal mechanics, the React requires that you only sight in two pins. A 20 and 30 yard pin. This is done all tool-less, with just the turn of a few easy to use knobs. Once you have those two pins set, you are actually now sighted in for not just two, but five different pins! While setting that 30 yard pin, you are actually adjusting a knob that moves four pins. Which all react to the vertical difference between your 20 and 30. This ensures that your pins all the way out to 60 yards are perfectly set – via the powers of science and mechanical certainty. With this technology we eliminate human error and greatly speed up the sighting in process. Tell me, is that not an incredible piece of technology?

I personally can say that this is the easiest sight I have ever set up, as accurate as I could ever ask for, lighter than I’d expect, and a true pleasure to shoot with. I can’t wait to take the React in the field and if the time arises where I’ll need to stretch my range out to 40, 50 or 60 yards – I can feel confident that the mechanics of this sight are sound, and that my shot will be true.

Now there is plenty more to cover regarding the Trophy Ridge React – but lets let the video do the talking. Check out our gear review video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section! Be sure to check out Trophy Ridge’s website to pick up your own React come October!

Here are a few more specs on the React…

– Ballistix Copolymer System (love this material, it’s the same used on a lot of assault rifles. Just as strong as a normal aluminum sight, but 25% lighter!)
– 100% Tool-less Micro adjustment
– Rheostat Light
– .019 Fiber Optic Pins
– Sight Level
– Reversible mounting bracket for high/low anchor points
– Multiple mounting holes for more versatility