By Mark Kenyon

As has become tradition for our friends at Heartland Bowhunter, they’ve kicked off their whitetail season up in North Dakota and once again, they’ve struck gold! Michael Hunsucker arrowed a dandy velvet buck, and he’s shared his story with us today. -MK

After the wind switched from SW to NW on the third day of our hunt, we got in the tree with high hopes. We were hunting a spot that we had pictures of several nice bucks and a lot of daylight action. Unfortunately, when we got the the stand, the wind was basically straight W, which was “Okay” but not ideal. As the sun started to slowly set, we had several small bucks working their way towards us out of the slews headed to the corn field to feed. One of the bucks knew something wasn’t right as the wind turned even more out of the south and they busted out of there. 20 minutes later I heard a deer coming straight down the tree row to the North. I didn’t get a visual of the deer until he was already within shooting distance. I quickly grabbed my bow and quietly drew back (it was dead calm), nervous that he was going to hear us or smell us. He closed the distance to 12 yds and I let the arrow fly. The KillZone blew right through him taking out both lungs and his heart, and he bolted out of there, but only made it about 50 yds before piling up.

He scored 136″ in full velvet. My third year hunting ND and my third ND velvet buck. Thanks to Central Dakota Lodge and Nate Flynn!

– Mike Hunsucker