By Mark Kenyon

Food plots are planted, tree stands are hung, trail cams are set and bucks are going hard horned. My preparations are pretty much all set for the upcoming season as we enter September, which for me is the calm before the storm. With only 3 weeks until the opener, my preparations now turn away from the field and instead are focused in my home, my head and with my gear. Practicing with my bow, running through strategies, and double checking all of my gear. This is the task at hand now in these final days before the hunt begins.

On top of that though, new information is always of utmost importance, and today’s Friday Morning Mashup has a lot of that from across the whitetail blogs of the web. Read on for some great news, tips, and stories from the world’s deer hunting blogs!

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Another Massive Saskatchewan Bow Buck! – Mike Hanback’s BIG DEER: A big ole Canada whitetail to get you pumped for the 2012 season. Wouldn’t you like to see one of these?

Do Deer Have a Sixth Sense? Majority of FS Voters Say Yes – Whitetail 365: Field & Stream readers have voted that they believe deer may have a 6th sense, and here is author Scott Bestul’s explanation of why he believes that.

Blond Chick Shoots Velvet Buck – Brow Tines & Backstrap: Will Brantley of describes his wife’s great velvet buck kill!

Where to Shoot a Deer for One-Shot Kills – Big Buck Zone: Some thoughts on different shot locations, and which are best for quick kills.

Rattling Set-Up – Dreams To Reality: Dan Perez details his ideal set up for rattling to deer

Scent Control is Essential for Consistently Harvesting Mature Bucks – Growing Deer TV: In this article Dr. Grant Woods describes his scent control regimen, and how it helps him kill mature bucks.

Bow Review – Elite Archery Pure – Sole Adventure: A thorough review of the Elite Archery Pure bow from W2H contributor Mark Huelsing!