By Mark Kenyon

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. My internal clock is ticking ever closer to the upcoming season and I can hardly wait any longer. I literally am spending every spare second thinking and rethinking through stand locations, wind directions, and early season strategies! And every day I stare out my kitchen window at the view you see above, just wishing I was sitting back in one of those trees… Only 15 more days…

On the other hand, Wired To Hunt team member Ross Hausmann and his wife Kendall will be getting a much earlier start to their season this weekend in Wisconsin! Be sure to stay tuned to the Wired To Hunt Facebook page for updates over the weekend and look for their hunt to be featured on an upcoming episode of Wired To Hunt 2012 TV. Speaking of, the first episode of our 2012 series will be launching this coming Monday! If you haven’t seen any of our videos from last year, at least check out our finale from 2011 in which my pal Dustin Hotchkin bags a great Michigan 8 pointer (Click here to watch).

Once you enjoy that slick vid, scroll on down to catch up on some terrific whitetail blog posts from across the world wide web. And good luck hunting if you’re lucky enough to be out there already!

Trail Camera Basics – Helpful post reviewing the basics of trail cameras and a few handy tips and tactics for wiley old veterans as well. A great primer as the seasons get under way!

How to Tune Your Bow With a Pro – Whitetail 365: An interesting video from Will Brantley, as he discusses bow tuning with a Archery Shop pro.

On Melissa Bachman, Nat Geo, Tim Martell And Anti-Hunters – Another great contribution from Will Brantley, in which he gets the inside scoop on how anti-hunters started a recent controversy that got TV hunter Melissa Bachman kicked off of a new National Geographic TV show. It’s a sad situation, and an eye opening one as well. I’d encourage you to sign the petition linked at the end of this article as well.

Is The Land You Hunt, a COLD or WARM Season Whitetail Paradise? – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Great piece focused on why bucks spend their spring/summers in one area, and the fall in another.

Notes from the Mystery Machine – Hunting Log 2012 – Bowhunting Wild Food: Wired To Hunt contributor Chris Eberhart is starting his hunting season, and in this article he introduces his 2012 hunting log and plans.

Meitin’s Favorite Bows for 2012 – Meitin’s Bow Blog: Expert archer and bowhunter Patrick Meitin fills us in on several of his favorite bows from 2012, including the rig I’ll be hunting with this year. The Bear Anarchy!

7 Ways to Relocate Missing Bucks – Speaking of bucks living in one place in the summer and another in fall. This article details strategies for finding those bucks once they relocate in September.