As we like to do every year, we’re featuring your kills on Wired To Hunt! Dustin Miedema sent us his pics and story of his early season hunt in Wyoming, and boy did he have a great start to his year. Read on for this Wired To Hunt success story, and congrats to Dustin! – MK

“Jake Vollink and myself are from Holland, MI and made our way out to Northeast Wyoming to kick off the the year. We originally thought we would focus on the alfalfa fields in the front of the ranch but after a quick scouting trip we decided on a new plan. The deer were flooding into the oak flats as the acorns had just started to fall in full force. After bumping a deer on the way in that I wanted to hunt, I set up a ground blind for me and my filmer and it didnt take ten minutes before the deer were piling in. About six o’clock that night I had a 140 inch 8 pt make its way in and I proceeded to shoot the side of my blind and send the buck fleeing. I realized after that I was better off in a stand and quickly got a few muddy sets up on the ridge. The next night I passed on several decent bucks before this 9 pt came off the hill and started to rub a tree right in front of the stand. After a long debate with my camera man, who assured me from the get go, we decided that this was a buck we needed to take. At 25 yards the bloodsport arrow zipped through him and he piled up less than a hundred yards away.

The next morning I had Jake in the same stand and he also missed the same 140 inch 8 pt that I did two days earlier…talk about a lucky buck! During that sit we saw several other good bucks were along side of the ridge and we quickly put another set up over there and after watching and passing several nice bucks he decided to seal the deal on a nice 10 pt. Our trip to wyoming couldnt have been better! We both took nice bucks by the fourth day. I cannot stress how important it is to be flexible in your plans when you head out to hunt. In the past it has always been important to key in on the alfalfa fields and water holes there and we planned for months where we would set up on these. However, that all changed for me once I showed up and found just where the highest concentration of acorns were. It’s always good to have a plan going in but being flexible and doing a little scouting before we set our stands really payed off!” – Dustin Miedema