By Mark Kenyon

Our friend Bill Winke at Midwest Whitetail always has some amazing bucks on his Iowa farms, and I’ve thoroughly come to enjoy seeing him pattern and chase these deer every fall. But what’s even more exciting to see is the success that he’s made possible for his children. This past weekend his daughter Jordan Winke closed the deal on an incredible Iowa whitetail. Congrats Jordan! Here are a few details on the hunt from Bill. – MK

“We have some killer summer footage of this buck and the whole story will come out with the next episode on  Jordan shot this buck on Saturday evening at 60 yards with a TC muzzleloader.  We were in one of my best stands.  The buck was pacing the edge of a field acting kind of rutty, checking scrapes. It was a very cool evening and it frosted that night.

This was Jordan’s first buck since 2007, even though she goes every year with me.  She has had a tough run of luck.  But she made up for it with this buck!  Probably would score mid-160s or so, but we never actually scored it.” – Bill Winke

Be sure to check soon to see the video of Jordan’s hunt!