By Mark Kenyon

Hunting seasons are taking off across the country left and right, and as you all know this is a hectic time of year. That being said, I wanted to make sure I shared a few tips with you guys for helping you stay up to date on the latest deer hunting news, stories and strategies that we’re sharing here on Wired To Hunt.

I know I’m not good at checking on my favorite websites as often as I should, so I use things like RSS readers, Facebook and Twitter to keep aware of new articles and stories coming from these sites. You guys can all do the same thing if you want to stay up to speed on Wired To Hunt!

An RSS reader, for those that aren’t aware, pulls articles from all of your favorite blogs into one place for you to read as soon as they are published. In order to sign up for Wired To Hunt’s RSS “feed”, just click on this link, Wired To Hunt Feed, and choose one of the subscription options. This will allow the newest Wired To Hunt articles to pop up in your favorite “reader” as soon as we release them.

Another option is to get Wired To Hunt updates in your email! For many folks, this is the easiest and prefered choice. To get the latest Wired To Hunt articles emailed to you for free, just slide your eyes to the right and look for the box in which the words “Enter Your Email Address Here:” can be seen. All you need to do is type your email address there, and hit the “Subscribe Now” button. Do that and you’ll get all of the latest from the Wired To Hunt Nation easily and quickly in your email inbox every day!

Wired To Hunt also has a strong presence on the popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On Facebook and Twitter we share our latest articles, but also other unique hunting related items that you actually won’t see on the blog. We’ll post unique pictures, stories and updates from across the hunting world in addition to the great materials we’re featuring on our main site. It’s definitely worth joining us on Facebook and Twitter, not only to keep up to speed on the latest articles, but also for the additional items we share and the great conversations and debates we have with the rest of the Wired To Hunt Nation.

By clicking our Wired To Hunt Facebook Page, and Wired To Hunt Twitter Page links, you’ll be able to see our pages and then click “Like” or “Follow”, respectively, to get connected!

Lastly, we’re growing our presence and materials on YouTube and we’d definitely encourage you to begin following Wired To Hunt there as well. As we mentioned last week, our 2012 webisodes are launching every two weeks – with a newest one coming this Monday – and you’ll be able to catch all of these on our YouTube channel. By going to our Wired To Hunt YouTube channel page and clicking the “Subscribe” button, you’ll be able to get updates as soon as we add new videos. I’m crossing my fingers for some big bucks to hit the ground in the coming weeks, so you definitely won’t want to miss any of our episodes this fall!

So there you have it! Make sure you are joining the Wired To Hunt Nation across the board by signing up for instant updates by subscribing to our RSS Feed or email update list, and joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well.

As always, we greatly appreciate you following Wired To Hunt and good luck hunting!