We love seeing young hunters getting into the sport, and today we’ve got a great story of just that. Congrats to Drew on a great first deer, and I hope you have many more success stories in the future! – MK

“My name is Drew Sorrells. I am a 15 year old deer hunter from Wisconsin. This is a story about my first deer.

This is my fourth season hunting. I had never gotten a deer yet, so this year I really was preparing. I had been shooting my bow three times a week all summer, and had gone to the gun range to practice with my rifle as well. Last year I had good luck seeing deer, but something went wrong every time; so I was practicing to make everything a habit.

It was the opening day of the Wisconsin Bow Season. I had missed the morning hunt, because I had a Cross Country meet, so my Dad and I drove up where we hunt in the afternoon. It was a hot sunny day, and all the adults were saying how we probably wouldn’t see anything. It was so hot, the deer would just be bedded down until dark.

My Dad and I walked out to our stands. We were set up along the edges of a cedar swamp. My Dad dropped me off, and then he continued on another 200 yards where he was going to use his climber. I got up and strapped into the stand, and started my wait.

The first couple hours it was exactly like the adults described. It was hot, and there was nothing moving. I saw one doe about 5:30, but it was about 60 yards off, and was not coming to me at all; so I didn’t get to excited, I just let it walk out of sight. About 30 minutes later, I heard some rustling off to the east, and there were two bucks coming towards me about 80 yards out. I stood up, and started to get ready. when they got to 60 yards, they stopped, turned around, and walked away.

I sat down and kept going over what I did wrong. Another 20 minutes or so had gone by and all of a sudden I caught movement out the corner of my eye, about 30 yards away. It was a deer, and it was coming right by me.

I had told my Dad I was going to shoot a deer this year, I didn’t care if it was a buck or a doe; so I never paid any attention to what this one was. When it passed behind a tree I acted without really thinking. I stood up, got my bow, and drew back. When it came it into an opening at 15 yards, I let the arrow fly. I saw the arrow hit right behind the shoulder, and go about ½ way in. Now I started shaking, as I watched the deer bound out of sight.

I got out my cell phone, and was going to text my Dad. NO SIGNAL!!! I was holding my phone up, in all kinds of different directions just trying to get something, when my phone vibrated, it was from my Dad. “Did u shoot????” I guess he heard it crashing through the woods. I texted him back that I shot one, I saw the arrow go in and stay there.

My Dad and I texted back and forth a couple more times, he was asking what I shot, where I hit it. You know those kinds of questions. Finally about 15 minutes before dark, I saw my Dad coming through the woods; so I lowered my gear and climbed down.

I walked my Dad through what had happened, and he got a little worried. The arrow didn’t go all the way through? It was real close; so with the angle, there may not be much blood to follow. About 10 yards from where I hit, we saw the first drop of blood, and we were able to follow drop after drop, every two or three feet pretty easily. But then it started to get dark. We used our walkie talkies to get some other hunting friends to come help us track and bring a spot light. About 60 yards from the stand, the blood trail became harder to find. The drops were smaller, and spread out a little farther apart. One of the other hunters said. I know where it is, but it wasn’t good. He was probably ¼ mile away from me, and he said he saw a doe running hard, paused for a second, and then run off into the swamp. I was getting a little worried now, that I had wounded the deer, but I thought I made a good shot.

It was pitch black and now there were five us trailing the blood. My Dad decided to go ahead, and check a clearing, that we were sure the deer had to cross. We were stuck. We lost the trail, and were kind of circling to pick up any sign the deer had crossed that way, when my Dad yelled out. “Drew, I thought you said you shot a doe?” He had gotten to the edge of the clearning, and almost stepped on my deer!

It turns out, I made a pretty good shot after all. I hit both lungs, and part of the heart.

Now I have done better than my Dad. He is the one that got me started bow hunting, but he hasn’t even shot a deer yet with his bow! I think I am going to have to give him lessons…” – Drew Sorrells