By Mark Kenyon

It’s hunting season eve for me today! I feel like I need to have some great big way of  kicking things off here on Wired To Hunt, but I’m having a hard time describing my excitement. I’m beyond elated, I’m overly ecstatic, I’m uncontrollably thrilled. Lots of hard work has led up to this moment, and now it’s time to cash in. Hunting season is here and that’s a beautiful thing.

I’ll be heading to Ohio for my first hunt of the year this weekend, so be sure to check our Wired To Hunt Facebook page over the next two days to keep up to speed on how things are going!

Until then, here are some great whitetail blog posts from across the web to help you maintain some sanity until you can get in the woods! Good luck and shoot straight!

How Will EHD Affect Hunting? – Growing Deer TV Blog: I know many of you have been hearing about the EHD epidemic that seems to be popping up in various spots across the country and you’re curious to know how this might effect hunting. Here is Dr. Grant Woods’ take on the matter.

Bear Archery Unveils 2013 Bow Lineup – Stuck In The Rut: I’m particularly interestedin what Bear Archery has to offer, given the fact that I made the switch to a Bear bow this summer. I’ve been really happy with the Anarchy so far, and it looks like they’ve got some other great bows in store for the future!

The Future of Hunting – Do You Really Give A Damn? – Sole Adventure: Mark Huelsing of Sole Adventure (and Wired To Hunt) raises some tough questions about how much we care about the future of hunting, and what we’re doing or not doing about it.

 Last-Minute Bow Tweaks – American Hunter: Some helpful tips for those needing to make some final tweaks to your archery set up.

QDM Practiced Here: The Benefits of Boundary Signs – I always worried that placing a “QDM Practice Here” sign or something similar would be a bad idea because it would attract poachers and trespassers. This article discusses that assumption and how it might be off base.