By Mark Kenyon 

It’s October 1st and archery deer seasons are opening across the country! Today on Wired To Hunt we have our second episode of 2012 and we’re sharing with you our final preparations leading up to the season. Follow along as we scout, hang last minute treestands and tie up all the loose  ends before we hit the woods for real. We’ll also touch on a few of our hit list bucks, discuss last minute archery tips, and finally – we’ll focus on a few important things to consider when choosing early season hunting locations. Also this week we’ll take a quick look at how the first couple weekends of the season in Wisconsin went for Ross and his wife Kendall.

Be sure to check in two weeks from now, as we’ll have our opening weekend hunts in Ohio, Michigan and Iowa! Good luck to all of you heading to the woods today for the first time this year!

If you haven’t already seen it, check out Episode 1 by clicking the following link – Wired To Hunt 2012 Episode #1 – The Preseason