By Mark Kenyon

Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail has got two very happy kids in his home these days. For the first time, both his son and daughter tagged out during the Iowa youth season. I love seeing young kids getting into deer hunting, and Bill has done a great job getting his own children involved, and inspiring countless others to give it a try. Today we have his son Drew’s story and I want to wish him a big congrats! – MK

“Drew shot this buck Tuesday, Sept 25 on a warm day – pushing 80.  We were hunting in thin shirts it was so warm.  The buck we were really after was one we had named Crusty2 because he lived near an area where a buck named Crusty lived last year (he died during the winter).  Crusty2 is old and not a high scoring buck, but a good trophy.  As it turned out, Crusty2 came out well before dark, but snuck in from behind and stopped right under our tree.  I was filming some does when Drew said, “Dad, I can hear one breathing.”

I unwisely whipped the camera around and pointed it down but too late.  Crusty2 had seen me.  We were only about 12 feet up in the cedar tree.  He never really spooked but when he left, he walked in a direction where there was no shot and no video.

About 20 minutes later this buck showed up and was eating greens in the Frigid Forage Big N Beasty plot when Drew shot him at 130 yards.  It was a good shot to the lungs.  We have always used 50 grains (one pellet) of powder in Drew’s gun so you could literally see the bullet on the video it was going so slow, but still a pass-through.  The buck ran about 75 yards.

The deer seem to be really hitting the green browse like brassicas and it was surprising that we had two mature bucks come out before dark that evening.  I think the bucks are moving in daylight more this year than in past years.  Maybe it has something to do with the drought, or maybe it is something else.  Strange, but I like it.” – Bill Winke

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