And we’re off! Almost all states now across the country have kicked off our whitetail seasons and I personally am no different. Last weekend, as some of you may have seen on Facebook, I got started down in Ohio. We saw three young bucks and a bunch of does, but just not what we were looking for. Then, this morning, I was able to enjoy my first hunt of the Michigan archery season. Not a sighting this AM, but I’ve got high hopes for the evening sit!

I hope you all have some exciting hunting plans for the weekend, and I wish you luck! To get prepped though, check out today’s Friday Morning Mashup! We’ve got articles on october whitetail hunting, string jumping, calling strategies and much more.

October Whitetails – With the “October Lull” fast approaching, many hunters begin getting down on their chances of tagging a big buck during the month before the storm of the rut. Success can be had though in October, and this article keys in on the ways to do that.

Deer Hunting Tips: When to Move Your Stand: On the same line of thought as above, this article details how to adjust your stand location to capitalize on the changing activities of big bucks this time of year.

Bow Hunting Whitetails: String Jumpers – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods discusses the phenomenon of “string jumping” – better know as the instance when a deer seemingly ducks your arrow.

Curiosity Kills – Dreams To Reality: Dan Perez of Whitetail Properties discusses the idea that when a buck initially responds to a call, but then hangs up – you should NOT try calling again.

Hunting – What you kill vs. How you kill it – Sole Adventure: As he always does, W2H contributor Mark Hulesing has written the kind of article that makes us all do some serious thinking. The question today? What’s most important the kill or how you kill it?