By Mark Kenyon

The Midwest gets a lot of hype for their big bucks, but it’s certainly not the only place you can arrow a big old whitetail. Today’s story is evidence of that, as this giant buck hails from New Jersey. Big congrats to Robbie Jordan on this terrific east coast whitetail! – MK

“The deer was taken by Robbie Jordan on the morning of September 25th. We’ve had pictures of this buck for about month, he was mostly nocturnal but would occasionally make an early morning appearance and in NJ you have to harvest a doe first, it’s earn a buck. So after harvesting a nice doe and getting some time off of work we saw a nice cold front was about to hit that Tuesday with lows into the lower 40s. We knew this would be our time to catch him in daylight. So we got in a solid hour and a half before daylight in case we did bump something ,the area would have time to settle down. Well at first camera light I look behind and here he comes out of the creek bottom through the grass. He works his way to 15 yards and wack, he ran 60 yards wobbled and tipped over.”

Robbie and camera man Patrick Cutter are sharing their hunts on film this year, and you can keep up with their team by checking out the “Whitetail Bosses” Facebook Page .