By Mark Kenyon

Last weekend, which was the first of the season in Michigan, was a good one, but no bucks on the ground for me or the rest of the Wired To Hunt team.That said, hopes are high this weekend and there’s plenty of season still ahead of us. I hope with that cold front rolling through last Sat/Sun, some of you guys were able to bag the buck you’ve been after. If not, it’s time to start thinking through your “October Lull” strategies! Speaking of, within the blog posts below from across the web, you’ll see some interesting thoughts and ideas for how you can have success during ths part of the season.Good luck out there, and enjoy!

The October Lull Is Not Real – Brow Tines and Backstrap: Our pal Tony Hansen explains why he thinks the “October Lull” might be more of a myth than many think.

Bust Out the Grunt Calls! – Growing Deer TV: Some updates from the field from the Growing Deer TV team and thoughts on calling during this time frame.

Bowhunting from a Treestand: When to Stand and Draw – Whitetail 365: Helpful thoughts on best practices for standing and drawing when bowhunting. It’s definitely something that’s easier said than done.

 The Rut Tracker 2012: Late-Summer Feeding Pattern Continues – Big Buck Zone: Some updates from the field via the Big Buck Zone, with a status check on whitetail behavior and activity.

 Grilled Venison Backstrap Recipe – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: A tasty looking venison recipe for you to test out when you bag that buck this weekend!