By Mark Kenyon

The Heartland Bowhunter crew is continuing their incredible 2012 season and this time it was Mike Hunsucker and his wife Bridget who hit the jackpot. Congrats to Bridget on her first deer, and to Mike for another great big Missouri whitetail! – MK

“I got back from AZ not expecting a whole lot after missing the first 10 days of the Missouri season. But I was pleasantly surprised to find good movement on the Reconyx cams across the board. I hunted my first night and saw a lot of different bucks, just not the one we were after. The second night back we moved to a Midwest Haybale Blind in a clover and turnip foodplot and we were covered in deer. I ended up getting a 40 yd shot at my buck after some swirling winds almost spooked him off. He took a step and I hit him back, but caught the artery right under the spine and he didn’t go anywhere.

We went to the same food plot several days later and hunted a haybale blind at the opposite end. Again had a ton of deer come out. I told Bridget, my wife, that she could shoot whatever made her happy. She elected to pass several does before this nice buck came in and gave her a 20 yd shot. She hit it in the high lungs and it went less than 100 yds before piling up.

An extremely rewarding early season in MO, and it was a very proud moment for me to film my wife kill a buck on film.”
– Michael Hunsucker
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