By Mark Kenyon

The Whitetail Properties team has been dropping bucks left and right this season already, and today we’ve got another one of their early season success stories. Along with several other WP team members  Nick Skinner had some great action in September and on the 24th he was able to drop the hammer on this dandy Kansas whitetail. Congrats Nick! – MK

‘Tom and I named this buck “Curley” because of the way his long main beams curled up at the end. He is a main frame 10 point with long G3’s and good mass. He was a buck that showed himself a lot on the Reconyx cameras during daylight, and we noticed that he had a hole in his ear and scar above his left eye.

On the day we got him it was cloudy and about 88 degrees. We had been getting pictures of him at a particular camera fairly regular, so we waited for the right wind and decided to hunt the blind about 75 yards from where the pictures were taken.

Curly was first spotted straight in front of us walking out of a bedding area straight at us at around 6:15pm, he went through my first shooting lane and went into the timber to our right where some does had been spotted. He came back out and I made a perfect shot at 75 yards. After the shot, the buck ran right at us and fell over at about 15 yards to the right of our blind.

This is definitely the type of hunt you imagine, as far as patterning a buck, waiting for the right wind, and killing him on the first time in to hunt him. Curly has a lot of great characteristics and I thank Tom McFarlane for patterning Curly and letting me hunt in Kansas with him.” – Nick Skinner

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