By Mark Kenyon

Not many people can consistently kill giant bucks year after year. Fewer still can do it with a bow. But I don’t know if there is anyone other than Marc Anthony that can do it year after year, with a bow, from the ground! Marc has done it again, this time arrowing a 170″ Illinois monster. Congrats Marc, you continue to amaze me! – MK

“Due to a mix up of scheduling, I was able to squeeze in some mid day hunting. This third week of October can sometimes be a bit tricky because the bucks seem to disappear into space for about 2 weeks.

I’ve learned in the past to hit the October lull period late morning or early afternoon and go deeper into the timber for better results. Today was a classic example as I entered the timber at 10:00 am. and stuck this buck at 11:10 am. He’s a mainframe 5X5 and grosses about 170″ as a typical” – Marc Anthony

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