By Mark Kenyon

Our friends at Heartland Bowhunter have been having an incredible 2012 season, with a whole boatload of whitetails already on the ground. But on top of that, they’ve also spread the love to mule deer! As a little bonus to our usual whitetail action here on Wired To Hunt, we thought we’d share the pics and story of the two incredible mule deer that our pals Mike and Shawn took earlier this fall in Nebraska! – MK

“I had been filming Mike for a week straight chasing Mule Deer with numerous encounters and one miss under his belt. We moved our focus to a buck that Scott from Deer Meadows Outfitters had numerous trail camera photos of all summer. We had a few encounters with him but could never get closer than a few hundred yards without him spooking.

On our second to last day we had seen the area where the giant buck nicknamed “Hook” had gone to bed. I filmed Mike on his way to find the buck in the draw and close the distance. Along the way we came across another beautiful buck that was bedded all alone in a sand hole. Mike made the stalk on him to a mere 5 yards and was able to get a good shot into him. The buck only ran down the hill a couple hundred yards before falling. His buck was a great, mature 4×4 with velvet still hanging from his rack.

Upon Mike filling his tag we still knew the area where “Hook” was bedded. It was now my time to be behind the trigger. We moved in early afternoon and after a few hours of glassing we found Hook bedded very deep in a cut due to the heavy winds. We crawled into within 70 yards of him and began the wait for him to stand up to feed. After waiting about an hour he began to rise and feed out of the draw. He fed directly away which was not ideal for our positioning. I ranged him at 100 yards and began to sneak his way. Knowing he had a missing right eye (due to the trail cam photos) I began to sneak around his right side. I was able to close the distance quickly and get a great quartering away shot on this 186″ giant. He is my biggest buck to date. Thank you Scott and Jeremy Kuhn of Deer Meadow Outfitters for allowing me to hunt such a huge buck.” – Shawn Luchtel

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