By Mark Kenyon

I woke up this morning, just as I do every day. I silenced my alarm, grudingly rolled out of bed and headed towards the door to let the dogs out. It seemed like a normal night of sleep and a morning just like every other. That is until my fiance filled me in on what had happened the night before.

In the midst of a pleasant night of sleep, I apparently began ranting in the middle of the night about some topic unknown. Given what I know about myself, I was most likely complaining about having the wrong wind direction to hunt my preferred stand for a given day or something along those lines. Next, apparently, I then sat up in bed and began climbing an imaginary ladder into a treestand. All the while mumbling about goodness knows what. Let me repeat, I climbed up a fake ladder, into a fake tree stand, while dead asleep. That’s commitment to the hunt, right?!

Regardless of my rationalization, I can’t avoid the fact that I clearly have rut fever.

Yes it’s true. Even in my sleep I’m living in a treestand and that is about to become a whole lot more real in the coming days. I’m obviously a little bit obsesssed, and the time of year most likely has something to do with that.

Tomorrow is the first of November. Yes, sweet November is here. Doesn’t it just feel good to say that?

The rut is or will be upon us any day now, and life as a hardcore whitetail hunter is good. This is what we’ve waited for all year and it’s time to live that big buck hunting dream.

My Rut Marathon

The rut is something I plan for and anticipate all year. But this year it’s especially exciting for me because I’ll be making a pilgrimage tht many a whitetail hunter has dreamed of. That is the coveted bowhunting trip to Iowa. I have 19 straight days off from work with nothing to do but hunt, all day, every day in my home state of Michigan and in Iowa the Land of Giants.

My journey begins tomorrow with a brief prelude in Michigan, as I’ll chase my home turf bucks until Friday afternoon. From there I’ll be packing the truck and making the drive west to the Hawkeye State.

My time in Iowa has no set deadline, I don’t plan on leaving until I’ve filled my tag with a mature buck. But who knows how long that could take. In an ideal world though, I’ll spend about a week or so there, and then will have time to return to Michigan and put in another 5 days towards arrowing a mature Michigan deer.

The marathon will end finally with a trip to our family deer camp in Northern Michigan for the traditional gun season opener, and a few days of good food, great memories, and close friends and family.

Rut Fever

Rut fever can be an interesting affliction, filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Over the next couple weeks I’m expecting to have some incredible encounters and plenty of disappointments. But in the end, I think what excites me the most about the rut is the possibility.

During the rut, anything is possible. The hypothetical, the improbable, the unlikely – it all could be turned over on it’s head.

At any given time, anything could happen. Frustrations can become sheer joy. Success can fall flat on it’s face and bleed into failure before your very eyes. The unimaginable can become reality.

And that’s the beauty of the rut. Anything, absolutley anything can happen over the course of the 19 days laying ahead of me.

So I guess in the end, I can’t complain too much about this affliction. Rut Fever is indeed a disease, that I in fact live for.

And on that note, I think I’ll be heading off to bed now. Just in time to climb into the tree stand.

 – Mark Kenyon