By Mark Kenyon

I happen to be hunting in Iowa this week, so it’s natural that I wanted to share a success story from that very same state! Joe Gizdic arrowed this giant Iowa buck earlier in October and I can only hope to have half his luck during my trip! Congrats Joe! – MK

” This buck worked his way in slowly to our blind.  He took about ½ hour to cover 80 or so yards.  He fed, made a scrape, and licked another buck on  theway.  I missed my first shot at him at 37 yards.  We still had an hour of daylight yet and I thought he may return due to the fact that most of the deer in the foodplot did not bolt or spook at the shot.  10 minutes later he came back and I shot him at 45 yds.  Turned toward me at the shot and I caught him in the neck and into the lungs.  Tracked him the next morning after some rain and found him after 35 yards.

We were sitting over a food plot of Pure Attraction and were set up in a box blind because of heavy winds and the wind direction.  The food plot is designed in an hourglass shape so any deer walking by are in range.  What really helped though was that a cold front moved through and put deer on their feet to feed.

It took 4 years to draw an Iowa bow tag and I was lucky enough to hunt a good friend’s well managed farm.  It was pure luck that we caught a cold front in mid October that got this 5.5 year buck on his feet.  The wait was well worth it with this great deer of a lifetime.”

– Joe Gizdic

On a side note, a few weeks earlier Joe’s daughter Jordan bagged this great buck too!

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