By Mark Kenyon

If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a few minutes and watch our webisode from last week in which we feature some incredible hunts from the state of Michigan.


Closing out that episode is an exciting hunt that Stetson Hotchkin had in early November, as he nearly killed the #1 buck on his property that he’d been chasing all fall – The Split Brow 9. In the end, after watching the buck all morning he was able to get a shot – but it didn’t prove fatal.

As devestating as that was for Stetson, he kept at it and just about two weeks later he was able to write the final chapter on The Split Brow 9, with a successful  gun season spot and stalk.

We’ll save the full story for a future episode, but I know we’re all thrilled for Stetson with this one! There are few things as disappointing and disheartening as wounding a deer, so it’s great to see Stetson come full circle on this great buck. Congrats again bud!