By Mark Kenyon

Welcome to December! While our favorite month, November, is now past – there’s still plenty of hunting ahead of us. Today we’ve got some great articles to get you re-energized to get out and hunt hard this late season. Good luck and get out there!

Bowhunters: Don’t Aim Too Close to That Front Shoulder – Whitetail 365: With late bow seasons in full swing across the country it’s worth thinking a little about our shot placement. In this article, the topic of shot placement and how close we shoot to the shoulder is discussed. Something worth thinking about.

Worthless Advice On Bowhunting Whitetails – Meitin’s Bow Blog: Patrick Meitin doesn’t mince words in this article, as he discusses what he believes is worthless deer hunting advice from “experts” that are out of touch with the reality of most hunters.

The Rut Tracker 2012: Rut Winding Down, Time to Target Food Sources – Big Buck Zone: An update on the current status of whitetail activity, and tips for hunting in the coming weeks.

Big Buck Down! (Unfortunately) – Sole Adventure: Wired To Hunt contribuor Mark Huelsing shares a disappointing story about a very big buck down.

Gearing Up For Late Season Bowhunting – Justin Zarr discusses some key gear that can help you succeed in the late season.