By Mark Kenyon

Today’s big buck story comes from Kyle McNew of Southern Michigan. I first met Kyle at a QDM related event in our home state and I immediately could tell he was serious about chasing big bucks. Several years later, he’s proven again that he knows how to get the job done. No easy feat in the highly pressured state of Michigan. Big congrats on another terrific mature Michigan buck! – MK

“Monday 11/12/2012 was the fourth day of my Michigan vacation rut hunt, I decided to take the entire week off from work and try to capatilize on that one week a year when everything come unglued in the whitetail woods.

The first three days of the hunt turned out to be slow with minimal buck movement due to unseasonable temps in the 60’s. The fourth day a major cold front moved through and things started getting good fast. The morning hunt was rainy and cold, but not producing much for deer movement. Around noon the rain had stopped and I knew it was time to get back in the tree we call “The Crows Nest” on our family farm in Calhoun County. This stand is perfectly situated in the center of four major bedding cells with CRP and food plots connecting them.

As I made my way into the stand deer were already everywhere, this front definitely had them on their feet. Once I got settled in the stand I had deer entering a small clover plot to my West.  I watched group after group of does and yearlings make their way out into the CRP to feed. Throughout the evening young bucks made their way back and fourth between bedding cells checking for hot does.  With about an hour and a half left of daylight I caught movement out in the middle of a strip of CRP about 200 yards away. I put my binos up and suddenly knew it was a 4 1/2 year old buck we called “Jabba”.

He was making his way from one bedding cell to another, so I grabbed my grunt call and gave a few loud roars on the call. He disappeared out of sight, but I thought there was a good chance of seeing him again in the area before nightfall. Before I could even blink an eye he came charging straight towards me and stopped 30 yards from the tree in a thicket behind me searching for his opponent. He circled the tree and stepped out in the clover plot at 19 yard quartering away.

This was my opportunity, I drew and touched off the trigger, sending my arrow behind his front shoulder and exiting through the opposite one passing through both lungs. I sat down and collected myself before calling my dad to let him know that I had just arrowed Jabba.

We believed this deer was 4 1/2 years old due to trail camera pics from the past. Once my dad showed up we picked up the blood trail and found my Jabba laying in the CRP not too far from the tree. I cant express how much I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my father in the field. Whether its following a blood trail or him sitting behind me while I shot my first deer when I was 13.  He has guided me through life and the woods since day one and I want to thank him for that and say I love you dad!”

– Kyle McNew