By Mark Kenyon

I am beyond excited to share with you guys today our 6th episode of Wired To Hunt 2012. I’ve titled this episode “An Iowa Dream” and I don’t think there is any more fitting description of the Iowa hunting trip which you’ll get to see featured today. Early this November, as many of you know, I embarked on my first hunt to Iowa and there I had the most incredible hunting experiences of my life. I encountered several of the biggest bucks I’ve ever seen in the woods and ended up killing my best buck to date.

All that said, make sure to give this episode a watch – as it’s jam packed with big bucks, exciting hunts and a very, very happy author of Wired To Hunt! Enjoy! (PS – be sure to watch the video in HD, it looks much better! )

Interested in hearing more about my Iowa buck kill? Check out the full post, linked below!

Big Iowa Buck Down for Mark Kenyon of Wired To Hunt