By Mark Kenyon

We share a lot of big buck stories from across the country on Wired To Hunt, with probably a disproportionate number of them coming from the typical monster buck states like Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. But when I get to share a big buck from an especially tough to hunt state like Michigan, I get pretty pumped. Today we’ve got just that kind of story from, a high school friend of mine, Nate Godfrey. Sure wish I had seen more bucks like this back in the day around our stomping grounds! Big congrats to ya Nate!- MK

“It was Monday, November 26 around 1-1:30 pm . I work on a farm and me and two other guys were coming back from lunch, driving along next to some of our apple orchards and a chopped corn field. We noticed some deer in the back of it so we pulled over and looked through the binoculars. Two does and a decent buck lying out in the field. So the hunt was on. Jeff dropped me off in the back of the orchard so I could put a stalk on the buck. When I got to within 75 yards one of the does looked at me and they all took off. As they were all running across the corn field, I made the split second decision to take a shot at the buck running away. Thinking I would never see him again if I didn’t. I took the shot free handed at about 150 yards away as he was running with a Thompson Center Encore muzzleloader.

After I shot I figured I missed since he kept running with the does into the orchard with no signs of being hit. We then went to the orchard to try and cut him off before he made it to the backwoods. There we spotted him walking with his head down and the does were long gone. I then knew my shot had hit him! I hid in the orchard row and waited for a good broad side shot. After he turned, I shot for the second time and I knew it was my kill shot. He hunched up and took off like crazy as I put one right behind the shoulder. We followed the blood trail through the orchard to find my beautiful 8pt I harvested. The crazy part is that 3 days earlier Jeff shot a little smaller 8 pt than mine in the same cornfield! His buck was with a doe too. ”

– Nate Godfrey