By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! I’m particularly excited for the weekend to be here because I’ll be hitting the woods with high hopes and a muzzleloader in my hand soon. Our Southern MI smoke pole season opens up today and just in the nick of time. I’ve been seeing a bunch of deer, including a few nice bucks hitting some fields that I can hunt recently and I’m ready to led my TC Impact bark. The wind and weather looks perfect for my spots, so the hunt is on.

I hope you’ve got some big hunting plans this weekend too, but if you’re stuck inside we’ve got you covered. Below are a a handful of interesting deer hunting articles from across the web. Everything from late rut strategies to hipster hunters is covered. So enjoy and good luck hunting!

The War Within: Are We Killing the Hunting Tradition? – A reflective piece discussing the internal debates and controversies within the hunting community, and the impact it has.

Taking Long Shots – Midwest Bill Winke shot a giant buck earlier this fall with his bow at 51 yards. He recieved a number of negative comments about taking such a long shot, and in this article Bill speaks to this point and the logic behind his decision. As always from Bill, a good read.

Hug a Hipster (and a Soccer Mom) – Whitetail 365: Dave Hurtea discusses the growing phenomenon of non-hunters exploring our pursuit as a means of acquiring “organic, free range meat”. Hipsters, yuppies, and all other kinds of interesting characters are getting into new “responsible” ways of acquiring food, and Dave argues that we shoudl embrace these folks as they look to learn more about hunting.

Hipsters Who Hunt – Slate: Speaking of, here is a recent article in Slate in which this new group of hunters is discussed. Never thought I’d see hipsters and hunting in the same headline!

How To – An Easy Do-It-Yourself Deer Antler Mount – Sole Adventure: A neat idea for a DIY antler mount – I like it!

Hunting Strategies: The Late Rut – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods discusses the phenomenon of the “late rut” and how you can enjoy it too.

Stay Warm in the Stand, Stay in the Game – Advanced strategies for staying warm during your late season hunts.