By Mark Kenyon

I could sit here for hours and discuss the many deep and philosophical reasons why I love hunting deer. The connection with nature. The sustenance the meat provides. The incredible challenge of pursuit. But one that probably wouldn’t have entered the conversation normally is top of mind for me today. And that is to help prevent car-deer accidents. Why is that top of mind? Because I was just in one!

The evening of December 17 was just like any other, and I was nearly done with my hour long commute back home after work. By this time it was just after 6:00 PM and I was traveling down the dark back country roads that lead to my house. I was lost in thought when suddenly there it was. All I remember is getting a good glimpse at the deer’s head – right in front of my wind shield.

It happened in a blink of the eye. One second I was cruising home, the next a doe had slammed into the front of my car, somersalted over my hood in a shower of exploding body parts and then it was done.

Luckily I wasn’t hurt, and it appears that my commuter vehicle has no more than aesthetic damage, at least as far as I can tell at this point. That said – this isn’t an experience I’m interested in repeating any time soon. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one effected by these kinds of accidents. They happen all the time.

Here’s a number to chew on. According to State Farm Insurance, from the summer of 2011 through summer 2012, it is estimated that there were 1,231, 710 car-deer accidents in America!

These accidents resulted in a total of about $4 BILLION dollars in vehicle damage! Even more scary than that, car-deer accidents are responsible for about 200 fatalities a year.

If a car-deer accident isn’t high on your to-do list, Hawaii is where you ought to be. As it’s been found that there is only a 1 in 6,801 chance of doing so. But if you’re in West Virginia, it’s another story. In fact 1 out of every 40 in WV is expected to hit a deer each year!

I know you’re not the crowd that needs convincing to go out and hunt some deer. But if ever you’re feeling a little too tired to hit the woods, take a second to think about your civil duty to protect! 🙂

If we don’t get out there hunting these deer, those “yuppies” will be trying to solve the worlds car-deer accident problems with some crazy thing like deer birth control. I know you don’t want that!