By Mark Kenyon

2012  was a great year for Wired To Hunt readers, as big buck stories keep rolling in. Today we’re sharing the tale of another successful Michigan hunter, this time from mid-October. Congrats to John on a great Michigan buck! – MK

“It was mid October and I got to my stand that night just in time to hear the 5 pm church bells chime. About 5:40 I spotted my first deer of the evening, and I got two quick glimpes of a white racked buck as he disappeared into the corn. Things were pretty slow from there  untill just after 7 when I spotted movement on field edge. I grabbed my bow and got ready.

The flash of movement stopped behind some tall grass, then started to move again. Now I could see it was a big coyote,so when he hit my shooting lane I gave a kiss sound with my lips and he stopped right in my shooting lane. Already at full draw, I held my pin on him and squeezed the release. Unfortunately I shot right under him, he jumped and looks to see what happened, and then vanished in the corn.

After that I put my quiver on the bow, nocked another arrow, hung the bow back up and leaned back on tree. But this lasted only for a couple minutes, as I soon saw deer coming from the other way. It’s a buck and I watched him stop and rub his antlers in the tree branchs. Then he starts aggresively cleaning out a scrape.

I now had my bow in hand  as he started to walk again. The buck eventually stepped into the same shooting lane as the coyote was in, and I gave him a mouth grunt. He stopped right in his tracks. Already at full draw, I held the pin on the buck. I then thought about shooting under that coyote and raised my pin just a touch. I shot, heard the arrow hit the deer, and then he took off like a bullet, running straight threw the corn field. I could hear the stalks crashing for what sounded like 80 to 100 yards than silence.

From there I had to go back and get my light and some help. But when we got back there was the coyote arrow, clean in the ground. I went just a little further, and started to find blood. Tracking in the corn that was just painted with blood made for easy tracking and I soon came upon my buck. He is a big 7 point with an 18 inch inside spread!” – John Mueller