By Mark Kenyon

As some of you may have seen on the Wired To Hunt Facebook page over the past weekend, I had a pretty eventful end to my season. My final two sits of the year saw me shooting a nice doe both nights!

My second to last sit was this past Saturday night and I was heading to the stand with one thing on my mind – venison. I was worried this might be my last night to hunt and I had yet to put a doe in the freezer. On top of that, I had not done my part yet in population control on the farm I was hunting that night. This property has an overabundance of does, sometimes resulting in hunts where I would see 30-40 deer in a sit! Going into the season I knew I had to take a handful of deer out, but every hunt this fall came and went with me either not having opportunities at does or passing up those shots in favor of waiting for a buck. I was now regretting those decisions.

Now with time nearly up, I knew I had better act fast. Luckily as soon as I got seated in my stand that night things started moving. By 3:30 I had three doe slowly moving in to feed in the Whitetail Institute Winter Greens food plot I was hunting over. These deer ever so slowly made their way towards me, and by 4:30 they were finally to the food. While they remained out of range, I noticed more dark shapes moving across the snow covered landscape ahead of me. Before I knew it there were 14 deer in the food plot, and I now was just waiting for the right one to come into range. Shortly after five, one nice doe finally did and my Bear Anarchy bow roared. With my shot double lunging the doe, she ran hardly 20 yards and collapsed just ouside of my food plot. Big doe down!

Two days later, New Year’s Eve, I captialized on one final chance to go out hunting. With the wind direction again in my favor, I decided to head back to the Winter Greens one last time. With many crop fields plowed under nearby, my food plot was a top destination for the local deer and I knew it would be hard to find a better chance at a doe than there. An hour and a half later, my decision was vindicated with another dead doe crashing down within sight.

These final two succesful hunts were an amazing way to end my season. I now have plenty of meat in the freezer, and I contributed in a small way to better controling the population on my property. I couldn’t ask for a much better way to close out what had already been a terrific year of hunting!