By Mark Kenyon

Another ATA show is in the books and I’ve returned home from Lousiville, Kentucky with sore feet, a lack of sleep and an overwhelming feeling that I must have missed something. And it’s true, I’m sure I missed something. The 2013 Archery Trade Association Show was, as it always is, a massive event. Row upon row upon row of booths, displays, salesmen, bows, accessories, arrows, camo and everything in between. While it’s pretty much impossible to cover the whole show floor thoroughly in one day, we did our best to hit some of the key companies and products and by the end of our trip both Dustin and I had seen some incredible new gear. On the other hand, we also saw some pretty strange things as well. And that’s the fun thing about the ATA show – you just never know what you’re going to see. Hunting “celebrities”, pro football players, camoflaged runway models and every piece of gear imaginable – the show is full of surprises.

Over the next couple days we’re going to share pictures and details on some of the most interesting new products we saw at the show, but right now we’re going to briefly  highlight a few of the most exciting and alternatively, most bizarre new products that we ran across. Enjoy and be sure to stay tuned for full details on the latest and greatest from ATA 2013!

The Best

Bear Archery Empire: I was impressed with the whole line up of new bows from Bear, but I especially liked the Empire which is a single cam model that had the smoothness of my Anarchy, but with increased speed.

Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw: If you’ve used the Wicked Tree Gear Hand Saw, this is your dream come true. The same incredible quality as the hand saw but in a 6′ and 12′ extendable pole saw. Awesome.

Reconyx UltraFire: The first new trail camera from Reconyx in a couple years, this looks to be another awesome unit.

Carbon Express Red Arrows: The new Red arrows recover from oscillation faster than any arrow to date, this results in amazing accuracy. I know what I’m shooting next year!

Lacrosse Aerohead Boots: New one piece neoprene boots from Lacrosse are supposedly warm down into single digits and are longer lasting than any other Lacrosse boot to date.

DogBone Game Recovery System: From the same company that sells the shed hunting training system comes a new set up and instructions to help train your dog to track wounded game.

The Worst

Donkey Roll: Just can’t take this one seriously with this name – but it’s essentially a roll of rice bran that you can throw out as an attractant.

Salad Dressin: Supposedly you can spray this on any vegetation and deer will eat it all up. I don’t recommend spraying this on your side salad at dinner though.

Zombie Target: The zombie craze continues.

Exploding Arrow: I wish I could find my picture of this, but essentially there is an arrow that will now fire a bullet. I thought I’d seen it all.