By Mark Kenyon

My first taste of the 2013 ATA show was an early morning press conference presented by Carbon Express. With a 7:30 AM start time, I was a little concerned about inadvertently taking a nap during the presentation. Luckily though, what I was about to see from Carbon Express easily kept my attention. Carbon Express unveiled several exciting new products for 2013, and most notable were the Maxima RED arrows, the Intercept Crossbow and the Launchpad lighted nocks. We’ll dive into each in more detail below.

Maxima RED Arrows: The Maxima RED is the latest super high performance hunting arrow to come from Carbon Express, and company reps say this is by far their most accurate hunting arrow to date. The key to this accuracy? A new spine composition  which isolates the oscillation of the arrow to a limited area on the arrow. According to Carbon Express, “The enemy of superior, consistent accuracy is Dynamic Spine, the “Flexing” of an arrow in flight. Broadheads can make this flexing even worse. The new, hi-tech carbon Maxima® RED™ is engineered with stiffer ends to contain and control Dynamic Spine to the center of the arrow, or the “RED ZONE”™. The result is a breakthrough in broadhead accuracy and simply the best hunting arrow ever created.” The technology definitely seems compelling, and I’m certainly to give these arrows a try.

Intercept Crossbow: Another interesting new product from CX is their latest crossbow, the Intercept. I’m not a crossbow shooter myself, but if I was I’d be giving the Intercept a close look. The primary differentiator for this x-bow is the tactical AR style design, which allows for extreme customization with after-market products. Several other crossbow’s have used a similar design, but no other uses the Picatinny rail system quite as extensively as the Intercept. In their own words, “The adjustable fit and custom features mean that hunters no longer have to compensate their shooting posture, style or set-up for the weapon.  The adjustable 6-position pull stock (13”-19”) creates a custom and consistent shoulder mount. The bow also offers a number of connection points for accessories on the 29 inches of overall Picatinny rail including 15 inches on the top rail, 9 inches on the forearm rail and 4 inches on the stock rail. In addition, the Intercept includes 2 sling studs on the riser and 1 sling plate located on the butt stock.

The upper and bottom rails are designed to accept military spec or commercial spec parts and take advantage of an entire worldwide after market industry for tactical guns.  Hunters can attach a new forearm, grip, butt stock, mount the quiver on top or on bottom, upgrade and/or move their scope, etc.  “While the standard Intercept package is a performance story by itself, the key differentiator for Intercept is that the ability to customize and adjust it the way that you want it” stated Rob Eastman “It is the first crossbow to combine high quality components,  multi-point adjustability, and unlimited customization options in a single offering.   This design lets you create your crossbow, your way and that’s why we’re referring to the Intercept as the I-Crossbow.”

LaunchPad Lighted Nocks:  Also new from Carbon Express are the LaunchPad lighted nocks. Here’s the scoop … “LAUNCHPAD Illuminated Precision Nocks are like no other nocks available today. In the past, lighted nocks focused on brightness and battery life. LAUNCHPAD changes this, as it is the first lighted nock engineered for better arrow performance. Carbon Express® designed this nock to ensure consistency at all critical launch-points to allow the hunter to shoot better no matter what arrow they are using.

LAUNCH PADIlluminated Nocks are balanced and manufactured with four-axis consistency and straightness within 0.001”, which ensures truest flight. LAUNCHPAD nocks are engineered to help you Shoot Better, featuring precise contact points, precision aligned nock barrels and a concentric design.”

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