By Mark Kenyon

I’ve been wearing Lacrosse rubber boots for a good number of years now and have always been able to depend on them as a reliable, scent free piece of footwear. That said, I never really equated Lacrosse boots with being terribly innovative. They were the best rubber hunting boots out there – but they didn’t seem terribly flashy, exciting or new.  That is until now. At the ATA show I was able to take a look at Lacrosse’s newest boot and possibly their most unique boot produced to date.That new boot is the Aerohead and this boot is all about comfort and durability. According to the reps I spoke to at the show, this boot should be comfortable into single digit temps and is vastly more durable than most rubber hunting boots. A typical rubber boot undergoes a test where it is bent repeatedly to simulate walking, and most boots are considered durable if they come out ok after 200,000 or so bends. Supposedly the Aerohead made it into unprecedented territory with several MILLION bends per boot. All that said, read on below for more details. I’m definitely intrigued with these boots and will hopefully be giving them a test run soon.

“PORTLAND, Ore. – LaCrosse® today announces the AeroHead, a category-changing boot built with patent- pending AeroFormTM technology; a revolutionary new construction that offers an extremely comfortable fit, with the ultimate in flexibility and durability all in a lightweight form. The AeroHead will be available Spring 2013 with a launch to the industry at the Archery Trade Association show in January….

…. AeroFormTM technology is the revolutionary liquid polyurethane-over-neoprene construction used to build the AeroHead. The construction starts with a flexible and insulating neoprene sock, which provides comfort around the foot. Using LaCrosse’s Armor Weld process, a liquid rubber seal is applied to the back seam of the sock, adding durability and allowing the flexibility needed to easily slide the boot on and off. In the last step, a liquid polyurethane is injected into a mold around the sock, forming a highly durable, lightweight and insulating shell completely around the foot and up the shin of the boot. Inside the mold, a thick layer of polyurethane forms between the neoprene and the outsole, joining the rubber outsole to the boot and creating a supportive platform that offers cushion and comfort underfoot. This innovative process produces a seamless exterior, ensuring that a boot constructed with AeroFormTM technology is built to last.”

And here’s a neat video that showcases the new boot and describes the technology.

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