By Mark Kenyon

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Trophy Ridge archery accessories for almost my entire hunting life, and given the new lineup of items for 2013 I think I’ll be shooting their gear for many more years to come. Announced late in 2012, the 2013 lineup of accessories is impressive, but three items  especially stand out for me. Those are the React Sight, the Torsion quiver and the Static Stabilizer. Here’s the scoop on these three items, which were stand-outs at the ATA show!

React Sight: The React was launched this fall to great fanfare, and those that were seeing it for the first time at ATA were almost universally impressed (see what the guys at thought of it, click here). The key feature for the React is “smart pin technology”. Sight in your 20 and 30 yard pins, and the “smart pin technology” automatically adjusts your 40, 50 and 60 yard pins to be dead on. It’s a pretty amazing feature, saves you tons of time and helps eliminate human error. For more details, I’d definitely recommend you check out my full review of this sight here … Trophy Ridge React Review

Torsion Quiver: The Torsion is the newest quiver from Trophy Ridge and also the lightest. In fact, according to a rep I spoke to at the ATA show, this is the lightest quiver on the market from any manufacturer. Supposedly they actually went out and weighed all the competition to confirm that! A design featuring many cut-outs and Ballistic Copolymer materials lend itself to this super light weight. On top of the weight advantage, this quiver also has an exceptionally easy and quiet release mechanism which I was pretty impressed with.

Static Stablizer: The Static Stabilizer utilizes the same Ballistic Coploymer material that the React Sight and Torsion quiver are composed of, and this results in the the Static weighing 25% than an aluminum equivalent. But what’s neat about this stabilizer is that you have the ability to add or remove additional weight to fit your needs and bow. On top of that the extra cut-outs in the design are meant to reduce the impact that wind will have on the stabilizer.

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