By Mark Kenyon

As has been the trend the last few years, Muddy has released a slew of exciting new products for the bowhunting public in 2013. A few highlights of this latest new product launch include the Vantage Stand, the Flare Lighted Nocks and the new “Blood Ring”. The new gear doesn’t come out until, I believe, July – but in the meantime you can get a quick overview below!

Vantage Stand: This new tree stand from Muddy is unique because of it’s portable bracket configuration, that allows you to strap a bracket on to many different trees and then attach your one treestand in one quick motion. You can buy these strap/brackets separately and set them up in various locations, then when you want to hunt you bring along your treestand, make the quick attachement and you’re ready to go. Here’s a quick video from that highlights this stand …

Flare Lighted Nocks: Muddy impressed a lot of folks with their new Flare Lighted Nocks. The most unique feature of these nocks is that you can actually use the same nock, lighted and un-lighted. All you need to do is pop a small battery/light in or out. Basically the selling point is that you can shoot the same arrow/nock combination all off-season (unlighted), and then when you head out to hunt you just slip the 5 grain  light/battery into the inside of the nock. The video below details the new Flare lighted nocks, as well as the features of the new Impact arrow from Muddy.

Blood Ring: Also seen in the video above is the Blood Ring, which is a new feature being included in Muddy’s Impact and FPS Hunter arrows. The Blood Ring is a white “blood and particle grabbing material” which is sprayed around one section of the arrow. This material is textured to specifically grab onto and hold blood and other body materials from your deer, so that when you retrieve the arrow you can get a better idea of your shot placement. Maybe a little gimmicky, but kind of a neat idea too.