By Mark Kenyon

Muzzy is one of those old faithful brands. They’ve been around for about as long as many of us can remember, and they’ve always been known for dependability. They dependably always had the 1990s looking logo, the old school packaging and the same two piece, replaceable blade configuration. Most importantly though, you could always depend on your Muzzy to do some serious damage when it hit a deer. When I showed up at the Muzzy booth at the ATA show though, a few of these things had changed! Don’t worry – Muzzy’s still are dependable when shot. But what’s new is their packaging, logo and a new broadhead design! First off,  Muzzy is finally getting with the times and updating the look of the imagery and packaging for their broadheads. I think it looks pretty good!

Secondly, they’ve launched a new broadhead called the Trocar and I think it’s going to be a pretty popular one. Here’s a rundown of the new features.

– The Trocar is the first one piece Muzzy. Typically Muzzy’s had slide-in replaceable blades, that were locked in by screwing on the tip. Now blades are inserted and locked in with a small screw. This allows for a single, all steel body for the broadhead. The results of this are Muzzy’s smallest, lightest and most accurate broadhead to date.

– This broadhead has canted off-set blades, which supposedly ensures field tip  like accuracy

– Despite the one piece design, the Trocar still has replaceable blades that can be removed using a small allen wrench

– The Trocar has a 1 3/16″ inch cutting diameter

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