By Mark Kenyon

The Rage booth at the ATA show was a pretty hopping location this past week, mostly due to the buzz being created by their latest broadhead – the Hypodermic.

According to Rage, this broadhead will offer more penetration than any Rage broadhead to date! How does it do it? Supposedly it’s the new one-piece steel ferrule design and the “hypodermic” tip which delivers all of this penetrating power. Reps at the booth explained that the new tip was inspired by hypodermic needles, and the new aerodynamics and super thin tip allow for increased penetration . With this design and the .35″ stainless steel blades, Rage is advertising an over 2″ cut with this broadhead.

The Hypodermic is also rigged with the new “Shock Collar” which replaces the typical o-ring to hold your blades in place. Additionally, this broadhead will be “Deep Six” compatible.

Not a whole lot of other details out there on the Hypodermic yet, but I’ll definitely be interested to hear how these test out on the range and in the field!

For more information, visit the Rage website.