By Mark Kenyon

Some of you may remember me mentioning a shed hunting product from Dog Bone last year when I discussed how I was training my dog to find sheds. Well now the same company as come out with a new training kit for your dog, but this time it’s focused on training dogs to find wounded game. It’s something I’ve had an interest in every since I brought my pup “Booner” into the family, and I just might need to get him out on a blood trail some day. If and when we decide to start training him to track wounded game, I’ll definitely be checking out this new training package from Dog Bone.

Included in this kit are the following items:

– Deer hide drag – which is an actual piece of deer hide used to lay down a scent trail

– Drag line – 10 foot cord for your drag

– Blood Trail Training Scent – a liquid blood trailing scent that is used to mimic the trail of a wounded deer

– Training manual – Dog trainer and founder of Dog Bone, Jeremy Moore, details his dog training regimen for tracking wounded game. I’ve gotten to meet and chat with Jeremy several times about shed hunting and tracking game with dogs, and this guy really knows his stuff.

If you’re looking to start training a blood trailing dog, this looks to be a great kit to get started with!

For more information, visit the Dog Bone website at