By Cody Altizer

It’s been nearly 7 months since Mark Kenyon sent me an e-mail gauging my interest in possibly contributing writing content to Wired to Hunt.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity and have enjoyed sharing with you all my hunting adventures, favorite tips and strategies, and hopefully a little laugh here or there too.  At the end of the day, I write about deer and deer hunting because it’s what I am most passionate about, and I like to try and share information with other deer hunters than ideally make them more successful.  In my 7 months writing for W2H, I hope I’ve done that.

However, today’s post isn’t so much about words, so I’ll wrap this up here quickly.  I’m excited to share with everyone a short film that I’ve been working on the last 6 months.  I first had the idea for this short film in August when I stumbled on both songs featured in the film.  Since then I’ve spent countless hours in front of my computer tweaking every aspect of the video, scouting new locations to film, shooting, shooting time lapses, hunting, then shooting some more.  The end result is a film that I am extremely proud of.  In essence, it’s a short film that’s not a short film.  I hope that makes sense.  This film isn’t about the destination, because there is none.  It’s about a never ending journey, a friendship with the natural world.

I would love to hear your feedback, so please drop me a line in the comments below.  Be honest too!  If you think its crap, then tell me.  You won’t hurt my feelings.

I hope you enjoy.

Trust from Cody Altizer on Vimeo.